The Development of Tablet PC

Once mentioned tablet PC, many people will think of Apple iPad. According to the report of CNZZ, since iPad published, the market share is always on the top site in tablet PC of China. Until February of this year, the market share of iPad is about 98.89%, while other brands are only sharing 1.11%. Actually, the concept of tablet PC has been brought up by Microsoft in 2002. However, before Microsoft, similar products have been sold. In the end of 60s, Alan of Xerox Palo Alto search centre put forward conceive of new notebook called Dynabook which can input information by pen. However didn’t support this conceive. The first business tablet PC was GRiDPad which listed in September of 1989. The operating system was based on MS-DOS. At that time, this product shocked IT business. However, owing to the technology and cost, this tablet PC was not received by common people. In 1991, another tablet PC called Momenta Pentop made by Go Corporation was listed. In 1992, Go pushed out another specialized operating system called PenPoint OS, at the same time, Microsoft also pushed out Windows for Pen Computing.

Besides, IBM also pushed out a series type called IBM ThinkPad. Unfortunately, these tablet PCs are failed. Rumor was begun from 1983. From that time, Apple is considering to pushed out a tablet PC, while with various kinds of reason, except the Newton, Apple didn’t listed a tablet PC. Apple Newton is the first PDA in world which manufactured from 1993. However, according to the low demand, Newton was stop in 1997. Someone said Apple Newton is the grandfather of tablet PC, however, the grandfather hadn’t win praise for tablet. Newton is almost Apple’s most famous failure products. Newton once has given lofty mission by Apple – reinvent and redefine personal computer. This plan didn’t bring revolution to personal computer. The ambitious vision of Newton was losing to various reasons. Though Newton plan continuously produce for 6 years, the idea had beyond the realistic needs and the sales volume hadn’t achieve expect of Apple.

When Jobs back to Apple in 1997, the first thing was to cut away Newton project. Until April of 2006, Apple submitted a patent of virtual keyboard, the guess of Apple tablet PC began again. At the end of August of 2008, a patent data express the detailed description to touch user interface made the concept of Apple tablet PC clears. It is in January 27, 2010, the CEO of Apple convene news conference in San Francisco Yerba Buena Theater, iPad made it first appearance. Though ipad still query by people, it still develop very fast. After listed in 3 month, the sales volume is achieve to 3.27 million. Then the PC manufactures bring out tablet PC gradually, while no one can defeat iPad.