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Managing your printer device in your Mac product is very easy with the help of HP Utility Mac. You can easily install this software with the Full feature Mac printer driver package. With this software, you can easily manage the current status of your printer. This software enables you to keep a check on the ink levels in your printer. It does give you the medium to check the network settings. There is a lot more in your printer management that you can do with this software. 

Have a look at the steps to HP Utility Mac Download

Features of HP Utility Mac

HP Printer Mac

The most salient feature of HP Utility Mac is that it makes managing your printer in Mac device very convenient. This software helps you in 

  • Managing various printer devices at the same place. 
  • It keeps an active track of the status of all your devices. 
  • HP Utility Mac can be used for managing multiple settings at the same time. 
  • Enable you to view messages such as errors, warnings or supplies status from your printer. 
  • Change or configure the network settings between your printer. 
  • The software also provides current ink cartridge supply levels and updated information about HP Instant Ink. You can also allow the HP Ink Cartridge Protection feature so your ink cartridges cannot be used in another printer. 
  • To help resolve print quality issues, you can run the automated tool that this software has to clean the printhead. 

Process of download the HP Utility Mac 

  • To start with the process, Launch a web browser on your Mac Device. 
  • Locate the address bar of this window and type “” in this bar. Then press enter. This is the official site of HP products. 
  • Once the home page of this website loads, find the “Support” tab. This tab is at the upper right corner of the header bar, along with a few other tabs. 
  • As soon as, you click on this tab, a dropdown box opens. In this dropdown, there are several support services related to various products manufactured by HP. 
  • From this list of options, you need to select the “Software & Drivers” option. 
  • You will now be directed to a separate window. In this window, you will see huge icons that are for different product range manufactured by Hewlett Packard. Locate the icon of the “printer” and click on it. You will find this icon on the left side of the screen. 
  • Thereafter, a new window pops up on your screen. You are required to enter the model number of your printer here in the search bar. After that, press the “Submit” button. 
  • A new window will appear on your screen. Here somewhere in the middle, you first have to locate the “Choose a Different OS” Link and click on it. This will ensure that you only see download options relevant for your Mac device. 
  • You will see a new dialog box appear on your screen. This window asks for your Operating System and its configuration. Opt for Mac as your operating system and enter its configuration accurately. 
  • Then, close the dialog box by clicking on the cross icon and go back to the “HP Printer Downloads” window.
  • Your HP Utility Mac comes only with a full feature Mac printer driver package. Hence, out of the options available, you have to opt only for a full feature Mac printer driver package that is compatible with your device.
  • Consequently, this will start the process of downloading a full feature Mac printer driver package. As the process may take a few minutes you need to wait until the downloading process is completed successfully. 
  • When the process is done, the file will be saved in the Downloads folder.  
  • With this the download procedure for printer driver along with the HP Utility Mac is complete. 

Installation of HP Utility Mac

  • In order to start with the process, go to the Finder Bar that is on the left-hand side of your screen. 
  • Now open the Downloads folder. Here, locate the setup file that you have just downloaded. 
  • After that, double click on this file and it will show a pop-up box that verifies that the software is compatible for installation in your Mac device or not. 
  • Thereafter, find the “Continue” button and click on it. 
  • Consequently, you will now be directed to a new window. This window contains all the terms and conditions regarding the “End User License Agreement”, the “Information Collected During the Setup Process”, and the “Product Improvement Data Collection”. 
  • Carefully go through them. 
  • Each document has its own checkbox, One by one as you agree with that particular term, tick the checkbox against it. 
  • Thereafter, you have to click on the “Continue” icon. 
  • Then select the apt connection option. In the next window, you have to select the mode you will use to connect your PC or Laptop to your HP Printer. 
  • Generally, there are two options i.e., Wireless Connection or the USB Connection mode. 
  • Now, the actual HP Printer Drivers installation process will start. This again might take some time. It is a suggestion that you must not close the window or turn off your system during this process. 
  • Finally, to complete the process you need to enter your Mac Credentials. After entering your Username and password correctly, you have to click on the Install Software button. 
  • This will complete the process of installation of printer driver along with your HP Utility Mac.

Verifying the download of  HP Utility Mac 

  • After installing a full feature Mac printer driver package. You need to ensure that HP Utility Mac is successfully downloaded. 
  • For this, go to the Finder bar on your Mac device. Press the “Go” icon that is on the top menu bar. 
  • Click on the Applications, double-click the HP folder. 
  • Thereafter, double-click HP Utility. 
  • After this, HP Utility displays a setup and activation screen, click Continue to complete the software setup.
  • If HP Utility is not in the Application list, then you will have to reinstall the full feature driver. 
  • For that repeat the above-mentioned process.