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HP Printer Assistant Prompts to Connect a New Printer

HP Printer Assistant is a printer program that is used to handle activities related to printing and printers. This program is designed to make your printer more effective. When the printer information inside this program and Windows is missing after you have modified the Windows, HP Printer Assistant prompts to Connect a New Printer.

Why is the HP Printer Assistant required? 

  • HP Printer Assistant is required to monitor the use of the printer tab, check the ink level, or scan a document or an image. 
  • This app helps you to take care of all the printing processes.
  • This printer app helps you to handle all of the print jobs using its built-in technology. In short, it is a tool for printer maintenance that helps with troubleshooting problems and upgrading your hp printer software.

➥ Steps that you should follow when your HP Printer Assistant Prompts to Connect a New Printer 

Step 1. Connect your HP Printer again:-

  • In order to regain access to HP Printer Assistant tools, you must have to connect your printer again. 
  • Move ahead by clicking on the “Connect a new printer” option from your system.
  • Thereafter, opt for the mode of connection as per your preference when prompted. After this, follow the prompts on-screen to complete the configuration of the printer. 

Note: if you get an icon representing red X, it means the connection fails. So, you have to tap on “Retry” and then move forward to the next step.

  • Power Off your HP Printer and then restart your system.
  • Turn the Power On of your printer and open the HP Printer software i.e HP Printer Assistant.
  • The issue is solved successfully if this software launches easily.

Step 2. Uninstall any HP Printer Program Installed Earlier:- 

  • You need to uninstall the HP Printer software that you have installed earlier. This is so that you can install the advanced version of the HP Printer Software. Follow the process to uninstall the software. 
    • Access the Control Panel just by clicking on the “Start” or Windows key from your keyboard.
    • Thereafter, click on “Programs and Features” or “Programs” as per the option available in your system. 
    • Right-click on the file name subjecting with HP Printer Assistant and then select the “Uninstall” option.
    • This will uninstall the software successfully.

Step 3. Re-Install the advanced version of printer software from the official website of HP. 

  • The very first thing you have to do is to download the advanced version of HP Printer Software. You can do the same by accessing HP’s Official site.
  • Open the downloaded folder and double-click on the downloaded setup file to open the same.
  • Next, the User Account Control window prompts, you have to click on the “Yes” tab. 
  • Go through the License agreement just by reviewing all the terms and conditions. Tick mark the checkbox beside “I Agree” and click “Continue” to proceed further. 
  • Select the mode of printer connection as per your preferred printer. For this, you have two options i.e “Wired” or “Wireless” mode of connection.
  • At last, it will start the installation process just after selecting the printer connection. 

Step 4. Reboot both your HP Printer and your System  

The next step is to restart your printer and your system to complete the configuration of software in Windows. You can do so by just following the procedure explained above in the very first step.  

Step 5. Try using the Windows built-in printer driver 

If still, the HP Printer Assistant Prompts to Connect a New Printer, you can solve this problem by using the Windows built-in printer driver.